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Low Cost CSA Box Option

Posted on 26th Apr 2011 @ 11:09 PM

As many of you have read we increased the base CSA box price to $20 (Visit our website for more details: www.scfcoop.southcentralfarmers.com). This is to reflect rising production costs. We do recognize that this price change can be cost prohibitive for some and are offering a Low Cost CSA Box Option for students and persons/families who qualify for some form of income assistance (such as SNAP, EBT, WIC, unemployment, etc).

If you are interested in receiving a coupon code for the $17 CSA  Box, e-mail or fax a copy of your student ID card or proof of income assistance

E-mail: csa@southcentralfarmers.com

Fax: 800-249-5240

We hope that this will be a helpful opening for those of you with not a lot of wiggle room in your budgets. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions.